BVN 1 Stride​​


A Perfect Holiday "Bodie"

Bodie was born on April 27, 2006. He is a bay thoroughbred, gelding. He is one of the beginner and advance horses in our program. He adjusts himself to the rider that is on him. He takes care of his riders! We have been together since April of 2016.

Vvaliante "Valiant"

Valiant was born on April 6, 2008. He is a bay Arabian, gelding. He is for the advance riders. He absolutely loves attention and loves to play fetch. He is such a playful and handsome boy. Most of the riders fall deeply in love with him. We have been together since April of 2019.

C.A Melody Raines “Melody”

Melody was born February 13th, 2020. She is a Bay Pinto, Paint Filly. When I first went to go look at her, there were several horses in a field with her, but she was the first one to greet me at the gate. She is very smart, talented, willing, sweet, and gentle. She has been with me since June of 2020.