BVN 1 Stride​​



A little bit about me...

My names Bailey Kynaston. I was born in 1999. A little bit about my family; Im got married in June of 2021 to my best friend! I've been riding horses since I was 12. I got my first horse when I was 16 (even though my dad wasn't a fan of horses, he still helped me buy one). Throughout the years of my riding experience I've discovered so many things about the equestrian world that I have loved; I first started out riding western and I loved every minute of it. After I was done learning western, I tried jumping. It was harder then I expected but it was very enjoyable. That led me to learn about horsemanship and liberty; I wanted a better connection with my horses. And that's when I fell deeply in love. It was like I was dancing with my partner. Without my amazing trainers in the past, I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today without them.

What led me to do all kinds of massage; I have 2 horses that have feet problems. Horses put 80% of their weight on their front feet and 20% on their back. Both the horses i own, have problems on